Why Support Team Up?

Team Up Academy is committed to empowering individuals to experience real lasting life change. Just as our labor force is in desperate need of strong, healthy, and reliable individuals, the same goes for our community and homes. Team Up is committed to the individual not only while they are under our care but after they are placed in the workforce as well. Regular mentorship and graduate events are just a couple of ways we continue to invest in and enable the individual to be the best they can be.

How Will Your Contribution Be Used?


To ensure we are producing and training the best workers and leaders a strong commitment to effective and thought-out curriculum is key. Partnering with experienced professionals and leaders in these fields we are actively designing the programs that will achieve these goals.


Our state of the art, brand new and completely renovated facilities are crucial to preparing students for the workplaces they will be working directly in.

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We seek to be a blessing and help to businesses, nonprofits, and individuals through Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties. Raising awareness of who we are, our service, and mission through traditional and non traditional means is crucial to achieving this.


Daily operating expenses of our facilities and programs as Team Up Academy starts out.



Our Commitment To You

Corporate Giving Programs


Our Commitment To You

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